Aegror is a progressive Death/Black Metal Band, that was founded in 2009 to create dark and epic music.

The result was the debut-record „De Morbis“ which was self-released in 2010.

As „De Morbis“ was influenced by different styles of black metal, the songs on their 2013 digital released EP „Forgotten Tales“ were more open-minded, modern and progressive. The musical direction of Aegror turned into a new experimental, brutal and emotional dimension.

Lyrically the band is dealing with themes of various diseases, plague and mental suffering, which are also in regard to the band’s name in latin language:


After some line-up changes between the years 2012-2014, the band was focused at the writing and recording process for a new Album, which continues the former work of „De Morbis“ and „Forgotten Tales…“ but in a more traditional and unique matching style.

The new Album is called „Dead Man’s Diary“ and will be released within 2017.
AEGROR has now found their own style and a good working and stable line-up.

Spread the Plague!

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