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Aegror - Dead Man's Diary (2017)
Dead Man's Diary
Nr. Songname
01 Prior To The War
02 Oath Of Allegiance
03 Killing Machine
04 Path Of Blood And Bones
05 War-Torn
06 Diary Of A Broken Man
07 Dream Of Utopia
08 Dazing Vortex
09 My Sleeps Embrace
10 Dream, Light, Fear, Hope
11 Home Of Plague
12 Post War Awakening
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Aegror - Forgotten Tales (2013)
Forgotten Tales
Nr. Songname
1 Buried in Oblivion
2 Prophecy
3 Manipulation
4 One to Lead
5 Behind Walls
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Aegror - De Morbis (2010)
De Morbis
Nr. Songname
1 De morbis
2 Yersinia Pestis
3 Inner Warfare
4 Last Man Sane
5 Plaquebreeder
6 Resurrection
7 The Scourge
8 The Creature Inside
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AEGROR is a Death/Black Metal band, founded in 2009 to create dark and epic metal. The first result was the self-released debut-record „De Morbis“ in 2010.

As „De Morbis“ was mainly influenced by the melodic black metal of the mid 90’s, the songs on their 2013 digital released EP „Forgotten Tales“ were more open-minded, modern and progressive. The musical direction of AEGROR turned into a new experimental, brutal and emotional dimension. Lyrically the band is dealing with themes of various diseases and psychological phenomena, which are with regard to the band’s name in latin language: DISEASE

After some line-up changes between the years 2012-2014, the band was focused on the writing and recording process for a new Album, which continues the former work of „De Morbis“ and „Forgotten Tales“ but in a more traditional and unique matching style. The loose lyrical concept has been tied together to a consistent storyline filled with horror and madness, circling around the main character called Plaguebreeder. The new Album is called „Dead Man’s Diary“ and will be released on 02.06.2017 through STF-Records and the Satura-Publishing Company. It will be the first out of four planned concept albums to be set in the world of the Plaguebreeder. AEGROR has found their own style and with the good working, stable line-up they will continue to infect the world. Spread the Plague!


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