was founded in 2009.

It followed different projects of the foundingmembers Narthaas, Mithyr, Sethonas and Kjartanas.
Within the next year Aegror wrote and recorded the first full length album called “De Morbis” which has been released in 2010.
The following time was characterized by a few live gigs and the work for the second release.
Due to some line-up changes the recording needed to be delayed.

In fall 2012 Abyssus joined the band and supports the writing and recordings for “Forgotten Tales…”.

Finally in january 2013 the “Forgotten Tales…” (EP) has been released as a free download.
Grown up to a quintett, due to the support of Skarrg on Bassguitar,  AEGROR focused their energy on the writing process for their second full length record.

In august 2013 Sethonas left the band due to personal and musical differences. In september 2013 AEGROR continues with ACORUS on 2nd lead guitar.

The band is currently working on their 2nd full-length album in a perfect and stable line-up.

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